Pixel Watch 3 Spotted At FCC With Exciting UWB And Wi-Fi Connectivity Upgrades

Pixel Watch 2
Google has a Pixel hardware event coming up in August, two months earlier than it has traditionally unveiled new devices. The company will reveal new Pixel phones, of course, but we're also expecting a third-generation Pixel Watch. No need to wait for the full reveal—some details have leaked courtesy of the FCC.

As is customary for consumer electronics, Google filed a request for confidentiality that prevents the FCC from publishing images of the device. However, we can ascertain from the documents that the agency has tested four versions of the Pixel Watch 3: GBDU9, GRY0E, GG3HH, and GGE4J.

The model numbers don't tell us anything, but the testing documents indicate that GBDU9 and GRY0E have LTE support. The other two models are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only. The LTE versions have a healthy list of bands, so the watch should work on just about any carrier. As for the Wi-Fi, the FCC lists both 5GHz and 2.4GHz, which is unusual for a smartwatch and could enhance connectivity and speed. The watch may also support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

The FCC also lists ultra-wideband (UWB) capability, which would be another first for the Pixel Watch series. UWB has made an appearance on some Google devices, but it's been mostly useless. UWB can be used for pinpointing a device's location or as a digital car key, but it's unclear if Google will actually follow through this time and make UWB useful.

pixel watch 3 fcc

The appearance of four models at the FCC all but confirms speculation that Google will finally offer two different sizes for the next Pixel Watch. The previous generations have only been available with a 41mm case, which is comfortable but on the small side. The Pixel Watch 3 is expected to also come in a 45mm variant, which would have a bigger display and room for a larger battery.

We expect the Pixel Watch 3 will be unveiled on August 13 alongside the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. The Pixel Fold 2 may also make an appearance, but there hasn't been as much chatter from the rumor mill about that phone. That might be because it's coming later or because people just aren't as interested in it. We'll know more next month.