Pigeon Accused Of Being A Chinese Spy Is Free To Fly After 8 Months In Captivity

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A humble pigeon has been cleared off all suspicion of working as a spy for the Chinese Communist Party by Indian police. Even though it was revealed that the bird was a lost racing pigeon from Taiwan, it was only freed after spending eight months in captivity thanks from the help of concerned local citizens.

Press Trust of India recently reported on an unusual case of mistaken identify. About eight months ago, a pigeon was captured at the Pir Pau Jetty in Chembur, which is Mumbai's primary liquid chemical transfer port. What drew the attention of authorities were two metal rings tied around the bird's legs that had Chinese writings on them. Closer inspection indicated that there were little microchips embedded in the rings as well.

Mumbai police immediately placed the pigeon under custody fearing that it might an agent from the Chinese government secretly collecting vital information. The bird was sent to the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit veterinary hospital for observation and investigation. Ultimately, it was determined that the poor pigeon was an open-water racing bird from Taiwan, based on travel and location data retrieved from the microchips in the rings. The pigeon had somehow escaped from its cage and made a long journey to India. A homing pigeon, this is not.

In fact, the bird would've been freed sooner if not for the Mumbai police failing to inform the veterinary hospital that the bird was clear of all suspicion. Even as this was happening, hospital staff and PETA of India had also stepped in to lobby for the local authorities to release the animal.

The story is funny, but the India region has had its fair share of spy pigeon scares. In 2016, a winged animal was detained after it was found carrying a note that threatened Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Later in 2020, a pink-painted pigeon believed to be a spy from Pakistan was captured as well, but this time it turned out that the bird belonged to a Pakistani fisherman.
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