If PETA Is Fired-Up Over Cockfighting In Far Cry 6 This May Cause A Meltdown

PETA recently cried fowl play against Ubisoft’s depiction of a Mortal Kombat style cockfighting mini game within its newest game Far Cry 6. It seemed to ruffle the feathers of PETA Latino, which requested that the developer/publisher remove the mini game. But wait till it sees this.

PETA’s pleas did not seem to resonate within the gaming community, however. The consensus among most players seemed to be that it was just a game and that no live animals were being harmed. Some pointed out that there was a large amount of content that was far more violent and graphic than the cockfighting.

Cockfighting is still legal in Cuba, by the way, where the game's setting takes place. While the feathers do fly as the roosters peck it out for which will rule the roost, none of them become dinner. We can't say this virtual horse will make it unscathed, though.

Zwanguy posted on his Twitter a couple of days ago a clip of his gameplay that included a helicopter, a horse, and an unfortunate series of events. In the clip you see Zwanguy flying his helicopter throughout the beautiful landscape of Cuba. Toward the end he decides to land his copter on a bridge where a horse and rider were approaching.

As he jumps from the cockpit, the horse ultimately decides not to stop and quickly meets its demise as it is somehow bursts into flames, then is thrust up into the propellers of the helicopter. Not a fun way to go. The video on Twitter currently has 12.5k views.

People replying to the post seemed more focused on the hilarity of the physics of the game rather than the actual demise of the horse itself. One person sarcastically spoke to the threat exploding horses pose to pilots everywhere. Many others said how they loved the physics of the game that lent itself to moments like the horse versus helicopter. No one seemed to be concerned about the fate of a fictional horse in a video game.

While the pleas from PETA may come from a good place, their views toward animals in video games do not seem to be shared by the vast majority of gamers. Instead, gamers at large seem to agree that violence within games, whether against one another or animals, is not something that should be taken seriously. It is just a game after all.