Phison Teases PCIe Gen 5 Storage Controller Reveal For Blazing-Fast Next-Gen Gaming SSDs

Phison Controller Chip
It will be a couple of days before the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in earnest, but CES week is officially upon us. That means a bevy of announcements are about to come rumbling in like an avalanche. One of them will be a more detail PCI Express 5.0 controller reveal for next-generation solid state drive solutions.

Serving as a pre-announcement of sorts, Phison has issued a press release saying it plans to "showcase its lineup of next-generation gaming solutions for customers, partners, media, and other interested parties during CES 2022." Color us interested, no matter which of those categories apply (at least two, by our count).

best of ces 2022"The new-class of solutions include the company’s first PCIe Gen5 controller for high-end desktop gaming, a future high-performance Gen4 solution, and demonstration of the next-generation game workload coming soon to PCs," Phison says.

We're looking forward to learning more details about Phison's upcoming PS5026-E26 controller, which will be shown off for the first time in the coming days. This is a customizable platform that can be adapted to both enterprise and consumer SSD solutions. Phison says its E26 controller will ship in multiple form factors with varying features, with the ability to scale performance beyond 10GB/s.

That means Phison might be leaving some performance on the table for a future iteration. We say that because the PCIe 5 specification for an NVMe SSD affords around 16GB/s, in terms of the theoretical maximum. For reference, we've seen some PCIe 4 SSDs cruise past 7GB/s.

Phison will also show off its PS5021-E21T controller. That's a high-performance DRAM-less controller for PCIe 4 solutions, and serves as the success to the E19T.

And for smartphone gaming, Phison will showcase its PS5013-E13T BGA SSD controller. It's already been chosen for Xiaomi's Black Shark 4 gaming phone, which is slated to deliver a 69 percent increase in read and write performance.

"“This is an exciting breakout year for gaming with innovations that fully utilize PCIe bandwidth and push storage to the edge of performance. As a proven leader innovating technologies for gaming solutions that push boundaries, like the first PCIe Gen4 SSD, Phison is again in a leadership position for 2022 with our first PCIe Gen5 SSD. Customers, partners, industry insiders, media, and pro gamers will share our excitement when we show why The Future of Gaming Starts with Phison," Michael Wu, President of Phison US, said in a statement.

Stay tuned, as we'll be covering the highlights as they emerge.