PenStar on Crossfire, Razer Diamondback & More

Good morning all. Did everyone have a nice weekend? I hope so. I spent most of my weekend building up and tinkering with a new test rig that'll get abused for an upcoming article. Can't tell you much about it just yet though! :)  I can tell you about the news though, which has been flowing in at a steady clip all weekend.  Check it out...

 An Update on Crossfire Limitations @ PenStar Systems:

"On a standard video card, like the Radeon X800 series, the chip itself has two internal RAMDACs running at 400 MHz (for higher end cards), as well as a TMDS that runs at 165 MHz which can power LCD's up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz using reduced blanking techniques. Higher end cards can utilize dual link DVI, but monitors that can accept this are not common. Where the design of CrossFire differs from a standard card is that of the compositing chip being used. The chip in question is actually a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) from Xilinx. FPGA's are typically used as a prototyping tool for custom made ASICs. In this case, it appears as though ATI is just going to use this chip as is, program the functionality into it, and use it for the final products. This is not confirmed, but the spy shots from finished hardware makes this appear to be the case."

 Razer Diamondback Plasma Edition Gaming Mouse Review @ The TechZone:

"The Razer Diamondback Plasma Edition is THE gamer's mouse. You'll know this the instant you plug the mouse in and watch the mouse body light up in a striking neon plasma blue color - this mouse is design to help you win the game and look good doing it. The Diamondback Plasma Edition features all the latest and greatest tricks found on today's high end gaming mice, like an ultra high resolution optical engine and corded design - nothing upsets a gamer more than having a wireless mouse lose a connection or battery power during an intense LAN gaming session."

 United Keys LCD Keyboard Preview @

"Not long ago, did a small article/review on a new innovation, an Oled Keyboard, I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about, it was posted as news everywhere. The only problem with the Oled keyboard is that, after some research, the idea is not that technologically feasible at this time. The other problem with the Oled keyboard is that it is 'paperware' it does not actually exist, the pictures look very pretty and caused quite a bit of a fuss in the media, but that's all they are: Pictures. A little while after I wrote that article I received an email from Ronald Brown the CEO of United Keys Inc., pertaining to their invention, which is essentially a Qwerty keyboard with embedded Lcd displays in the function keys. This invention, however, is not 'paperware' it does actually exist and will be available for purchase shortly. Today, is the official release of the keyboard at Demofall in California, I was invited to attend, but due to other responsibilities I could not attend, but I do have the press release and lots of information for you. Also, be sure to check back for my in depth review of the keyboard within the next couple of weeks."

 Real & QuickTime Alternative @ PCMech:

"I will be taking a look at some alternatives for the everyday media players, QuickTime and RealPlayer. I'm sure everyone uses or has used these programs in the past and knows that they can be a hassle. Bloatware, if you will, with unnecessary memory usage and annoying ads for upgrading."

All right, I have to run. I have to pack a bag and get ready for a trip out west. Dave and I are hopping on a plane to San Francisco tomorrow to see some new stuff.

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