PDP Systems PC3200 XBLK, Superpwer XP02 Gaming Case, and more

Hey folks, there's little news in at the moment, but we do have some decent articles for the SuperPower XP02 Case, the NextStar 2 External 5.25" Enclosure, and a review for some apparently good overclocking ram(PDP Systems PC3200 XBLK).

SuperPower XP02 Gaming Case Review @ 3DXtreme

"Today 3DXtreme presents their latest review of a modded mid tower case by SuperPower. They are not one of the bigger names in computer cases, however the case we present today is definitely different than what you would normally see. Let's have a look at this case and see how well it rates."

Vantec NexStar 2 External 5.25" Enclosure @ Techniz

"With the Vantec NexStar 2 External 5.25" Enclosure, you can easily add any 5.25" IDE Device to your existing system. The NexStar 2 connects to your computer through USB 2.0, offering speeds up to 480Mbps and eliminating the need to open your system!"

PDP Systems PC3200 XBLK @ Overclockers Online

"As you can see, these modules kicked some serious butt. I was able to reach PC4000 on a rather tight timing - 2-3-3-5 to be exact."