PCI Express, ABIT nForce2 and Other Various Goodies...

Good evening friends :)  I am packing it in early tonight; this cold is hitting my head pretty hard.  However, before I go pound back a bottle of Robitussin I have a shot of juice for you :)

PCI Express Feature @ Neoseeker

"We take a look at PCI Express today at Neoseeker and ponder what it brings to the table. As much as everyone in the PC world loves backward compatibility, PCI Express is going to quash that notion introducing both a new physical and underlying interface ushering out the now ubiquitous AGP slot. The classic PCI interface will also be nudged out albeit more slowly. The transition from AGP to PCI Express has a profound impact for the gaming segment especially as it renders nearly all current cards obsolete in upcoming motherboards."

Cooler Master Hyper 6 cooler reviewed @ MetkuMods

"Cooler Master have a long history with CPU coolers and they are one of the pioneering companies that introduced heat pipes to the coolers, such as HHC-L61. This time we will take a look at their latest innovation, the Hyper 6 (KHC-V81-U1) that includes six heat pipes. All-copper heatsink that should offer great cooling power for both Intel P4 and AMD's K8 CPUs."

Game Review: Far Cry @ TheCrucible.ca

"The AI's reactions were quite good, and they seemed to be working together. The AI used flanking maneuvers, called in reinforcements, and/or used cover and waited. Your enemies will hear gunfire in the distance, and have a decent view range. When they are aware of your presence but they can't see you, they will use sound to determine your location."

ABIT AN7 (NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400) Review @ Hardware Zone

"For those who still have yet to venture out into the overclocking world, we suggest that you take a look at the ABIT AN7 and consider its rich overclocking features. With its ABIT µGuru technology, does this board have what it takes to satisfy the thirst of overclockers?"

Hitachi Deskstar 7K400 400GB (7200RPM) @ Hardware Zone

"The new Hitachi Deskstar 7K400 is currently the largest 7200RPM desktop hard drive on earth. Find out what are some of the new technologies Hitachi has introduced in this drive and how this highly anticipated product performed in our lab test."

That is all my friends, I will see you back here tomorrow :) - Cheers