Panasonic Showing Off Mammoth 4K Tablet at CES

Just when you thought that tablet resolutions couldn't get any more ridiculous, here comes Panasonic with the unveiling of a 4K resolution model. Yes, 4K. But that's not all that makes this tablet unique: it comes in at a staggering 20-inches in size. Clearly, this isn't meant to be something you toss into your backpack and use while on the go.

Instead, it seems obvious that Panasonic's intentions here are to give designers, photographers and perhaps developers huge space to work with. As you can see in the below shot, the Start screen in Windows 8 looks almost scrawny. While the exact resolution hasn't been made available, "4K" usually means at least 8 million pixels, as covered in an earlier news post taking a look at GIGABYTE's latest 4K offering.

Panasonic's tablet doesn't hit me as much of a surprise, at it seemed almost inevitable that one would get unveiled. While CES is usually geared towards products that are due out this year, it's also a playground for companies to show off truly impressive prototypes. Which category this massive tablet will fall in will take some time to figure out.

While impressive, the thing I need to give Panasonic kudos for the most is designing 4K around a large tablet, and not trying to one-up everyone by cramming it into a more typical 10-inch offering.