Panasonic Introduces Walkthrough Iris Scanner

Panasonic System Solutions Company has created the so called “Walkthrough Iris Identification System,” which is a device that can scan a person’s iris while he/she walks through. As we may have already seen in the movies, iris identification is a highly advanced type of biometric authentication technology that does not use ID cards or passwords, which users could lose or forget. A drawback to biometric authentication technologies is that they are not always accurate. Nevertheless, at a verification failure rate of less than 1/1,200,000, the Walkthrough Iris Identification System is quite formidable.
“To enable verification of a person walking (at 1 m per second) from a distance of more than 1 m, the company improved the camera composition and developed an ‘eye position sensing technology’ that quickly processes data before the person passes in front of the system.”
The system is capable of verifying a user within two seconds. Iris monitoring is achieved by utilizing multiple 2MP cameras. As for the “eye position sensing technology,” it supports high-resolution pictures. The system is also quite user-friendly and hassle-free as compared to other existing systems since people don’t have to focus on the equipment to be verified. Applications may include but are not limited to security at offices and airports.