Microsoft Unveils A Slew Of New Outlook Features For All Platforms

Microsoft has added new features to Outlook on Windows, Mac, web, and mobile devices. The software giant says that the changes are meant to help users manage their time and keep important stuff up front where it is easy to find. There are new features coming to Outlook for iOS and Android devices soon to help connect users to people, apps, and tech that improve productivity in the business environment.

outlook bill

Among the changes are bill pay reminders in Outlook Calendar with the addition of bill payments to events that the calendar already tracks for users like travel reservations and package deliveries. Outlook can identify the bills you receive via email and then give a summary at the top of the message allowing you to add a bill reminder directly to the calendar. Email reminders will be sent two days before the bill due date to allow you to pay your bills on time. That feature is only offered on

outlook invite

Outlook can also now suggest event locations and meeting rooms for users. When you start typing, meeting locations will be suggested automatically with available conference rooms and frequently used locations like “my office” available to choose, the meeting locations will be offered based on where the user is. That feature is available in Outlook for iOS.

Outlook rsvp list

Meeting RSVP tracking and forwarding is supported to make it easier to keep track of events you have organized or plan to attend. Outlook tracks responses and RSVPs for your meeting. An option to allow or prevent invite forwarding is available to prevent folks from sharing the invite. Microsoft says this feature will be added soon in Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web. All Outlook apps and services can now track RSVPs to meetings for up to 500 people and can manage across multiple time zones.

outlook rsvp

The new organization directory details shows the people who are in your organization, and is available in Outlook for iOS. Support for SOCKS proxies has been integrated for companies needing that capability. Outlook for Windows also now warns you if you go to reply to an email and you were Blind Carbon Copied on the message to prevent embarrassing replies to multiple users. Mobile version will get the ability to sync draft folders across platforms. Office Lens tech is supported on Android with that feature landing this month. Other features available on some platforms include quick reply, favoriting of people, Office 365 Groups for OneNote and Outlook, and the ability to block external content.