Oppo Shows Off Unique Tri-Folding Sliding Phone Concept With Three Displays

Oppo Slide Phone
Folding smartphones are a thing now, like Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2. But looking to one-up the competition, Oppo has come up with a folding phone that is truly different, and not a copycat of existing designs. Meet the Oppo X Nendo (shown above), a three-headed folding phone concept designed in collaboration with Nendo, a Japanese design studio.

According to Oppo, the bane of consumers is that in order for smartphone makers to pack more features and functionality into their handsets, they are constantly increasing in size (like the Galaxy S20 Ultra with its 6.9-inch display). Hence the apparent motivation to design a sliding phone with three foldable displays, that is more manageable to tote around when not in use. Hooray?

"This trend towards larger phones has become a growing concern for users. Armed with this insight, the 'slide-phone' concept is designed with three foldable screens attached by hinges folding over in the same direction. By providing users with the flexibility to change the form of the phone as needed, users may benefit from the ability to change its size to suit the occasion," Oppo explains.

What makes this possible is a triple-hinge design. It also features touch-sensitive controls on the side that perform different functions, depending on which orientation you have the phone in. When folded all the way shut, it is roughly the size of a credit card (though obviously a little thicker). I have to admit, watching the video above, there is a certain elegance to the design, I'm just not sure if it could ever break out of a niche territory.

Oppo X Nendo

There is also a stylus inserted into the phone, giving it some added utility. Beyond that, however, there is no mention of what hardware might power this thing, or if this will transition out of the concept stage and become a retail product. We'll have to wait and see.

Oppo Concept Earbuds

Oppo also showed off some conceptual "music-link" productions, which is essentially a collection of concept audio gear (and a smartwatch), including some funky looking earbuds and an AI speaker.

"All devices are designed in a sleek organic form, adopting an affinity design that mirrors the aesthetic values of users today. When the TWS earphones and portable charging case are placed on the AI speaker, users can enjoy a seamless music experience transitioning from headphones to speaker. This symbiotic design between devices, and the emphasis on portability and convenience, reflects OPPO’s integration of technology and human-centricity in its design philosophy," Oppo explains.

Like the tri-folding smartphone, however, there is no guarantee any of this stuff will come to fruition.