Oppo R17-Inspired OnePlus 6T May Come To T-Mobile In October

OnePlus already has a cult following within the United States thanks to its popular flagship smartphones. OnePlus' claim to fame comes from its beefy hardware specs, excellent build quality, close-to-pure Android experience, and attractive pricing. 
OnePlus 6 Red 2
OnePlus 6

However, OnePlus is looking to go after more of the mainstream market and has reached out to T-Mobile for help in this arena. CNET is reporting that third-place U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile has been tapped by OnePlus to carry the upcoming OnePlus 6T smartphone. T-Mobile will reportedly be the exclusive carrier for the OnePlus 6T if you don't want to pay buy the device unlocked direct from OnePlus at full price.

The T-Mobile variant of the OnePlus 6T will allegedly be optimized specifically for that network, likely supporting the carrier's 600MHz spectrum. OnePlus is in the "technical approval" process with T-Mobile, which is crucial to the OnePlus 6T being certified to run operate on the network.

oppo r 17
Oppo R17

Given that OnePlus smartphone design tends to track rather closely to Oppo (i.e. the Oppo R15 vs. the OnePlus 6), it stands to reason that the OnePlus 6T will look very similar to the Oppo R17. The Oppo R17 features a better-integrated notch at the top of its 6.4-inch display than seen on its predecessor. The display has a 2280x1080 resolution, and the smartphone still has a small "chin" at the bottom. The Oppo R17 also sports an in-display fingerprint reader.

Although the Oppo R17 is rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a 3,500 mAh battery, we'd have to imagine that the OnePlus 6T will adopt the burly Snapdragon 845 processor like its predecessor. As for pricing, we'd expect for the phone to stick clock to the $530 starting price of the OnePlus 6.