Opera Neon Is An Experimental Look At The Future Of Desktop Web Browsers

Are you bored with your current web browser? Do you wish that your web browser of choice was more artsy or experimental? Well, Opera Neon is now available and presents the latest concept for desktop browsers.

Opera Neon has been designed to “engage your senses” and “free your mind”. It incorporates the computer’s wallpaper into the browser which is intended to get rid of “desktop clutter”. Users can also use two Neon-inspired wallpapers by graphic artist Luke Choice.

opera neon

The browser’s “newly developed physics engine is set to breathe life back into the internet.” Old school Opera features such as visual tabs, the omnibox, and Speed Dial now “float” to start the browsing session. Objects and tabs behave as if they have physical weight and move in a natural way when dragged.

Opera Neon has also changed the ways users view and save videos and photos. Users can crop, snap and save images they find on the web. These images will be saved in a built-in gallery tab and will be labeled according to their web address. Videos can be “popped out” into their own window, allowing users to watch videos while continuing to browse on the Internet. Videos and music will be placed into a an easily accessible panel on the browser.

The browser has been designed to make it easier for users to find what they want. The colorful tabs use images from web pages, while the browser’s “gravity system” brings the most used tabs to a prominent position on the Speed Dial. When users are done with the tab, they simply need to “pop” it as if it was a virtual bubble. To top everything off, Opera Neon can be used in split screen mode. Users will be able to browse two web pages at once by moving their mouse pointer between pages.

Opera Neon is free for Windows and Mac computers. It can be downloaded here.