OnePlus Teases Watch 2 With An Amazing 100-Hour Battery Life

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As a lead up to Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, OnePlus is teasing its latest OnePlus Watch 2, a Wear OS 4-powered smartwatch that comes nearly three years after the first model. Besides the adoption of Google's best-yet watch OS, the watch's biggest claim is something called "Smart Mode" that promises up to 100 hours of battery life. Not bad for something that looks like a Samsung Watch 5 Pro.

OnePlus is going all in with its 10th year in business. Its OnePlus 12 and Open have become darlings of the industry—things are really looking up for the company, especially here in North America where competition has been limited. Another area where OnePlus thinks it might have a chance is in the smartwatch arena. In the company's blog, it announced that its upcoming Watch 2 will have the "best-ever battery life and a design that epitomizes both elegance and durability", while exclaiming that the watch is so good that it will transcend from being merely a "flagship killer" to being an "ecosystem builder." Which just means OnePlus is expanding its product lineup.

They ALMOST look like Samsung Watch 5 Pros.

In all seriousness, the Watch 2 is fixing to take the fight to the likes of Samsung, Apple, and Google. While full specifications won't be official until the MWC launch event next week, the Watch 2 is believed to sport a 1.43-incn AMOLED, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 wearable-specific SoC.

OnePlus does tout a "Smart Mode" that extends battery life up to 100 hours. What that looks like functionally is anyone's guess at this point, but we're thinking it's a low-powered, all essential systems off mode that will still show the time, date, battery level, and maybe even steps. Alternatively (but probably unlikely) is that the Smart Mode might be the incorporation of a secondary LCD layered screen, such as that on the innovative Ticwatch Pro 5. With the aid of the layered display, the Ticwatch can achieve up to 4.5 days of operation without the need to enter any low-powered mode.

One thing the OnePlus Watch 2 also has in its favor is the fantastic design and materials. It will be come in a stainless steel chassis and topped with sapphire crystal over the display.