OnePlus Is Readying Buds Pro And Here’s How To Join Its Early Test Group

OnePlus Buds 17
The OnePlus Buds were introduced roughly a year ago, and we were generally impressed with their audio performance and features, especially for the price. While these wireless earbuds didn't offer active noise cancellation like its pricier rivals, it was hard to argue with the $79 price tag.

Now, it appears that OnePlus is looking to offer a more premium version of its wireless earbuds, and they are aptly called OnePlus Buds Pro. In addition, OnePlus' The Lab is currently accepting applications for testers for two products: the Nord 2 5G smartphone that we talked about earlier this week and the Buds Pro Edition.

OnePlus doesn't give us any information on specifications for the Buds Pro, but you can fill out this form to become an early tester. The form asks several questions of potential testers, including what features they value the most in wireless earbuds (including noise cancellation technology, battery life, sound quality, etc.) and what you use them for the most (music, gaming, making calls, etc.).

Even though specs aren't currently part of the equation, we can look to Apple and Samsung for guidance on their "Pro" branded wireless earbuds. OnePlus will likely add noise cancellation, which would provide a more immersive listening experience, albeit with a higher price tag to match. While the OnePlus Buds are priced at $79, and the Buds Z are currently priced at $49, we could easily see the Buds Pro going for $99 or higher.

oneplus buds z
OnePlus Buds Z

Amazon's second-generation Echo Buds with active noise cancellation are priced at $119.99 with a wired charging case ($139.99 with a wireless charging case). That is the current value play in this sector, and we could see OnePlus trying to muscle in on that territory.

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro has an MSRP of $199 and can regularly be had for $149, while the Apple AirPods Pro features a $249 MSRP and go for as low as $189 on sale. However, the OnePlus Buds Pro will easily undercut those rivals. We just wonder what will be sacrificed to reach the lower price point. Will OnePlus have to forgo the wireless charging case and some additional features (like fewer microphones), or will overall audio quality be sacrificed to meet its price targets?

Whatever the case, be sure to apply at The Lab for your opportunity to try out the OnePlus Buds Pro. You have until July 17th to put in your application.