Omega Catalyst 4.12 Beta, DFI 875P-T Motherboard, and more!

X-Mas is 21 days away, and I still haven't done any shopping. Given I only have a few people to get things for, it's always good to get it done early. It's another odd winter in my neck of the woods... four days into December, and there's no snow on the ground, when last year we had plenty. That's New-England weather I guess :)

Diamondback Precision Gaming Mouse reviewed @

"The Razer Diamondback is the world's first optical mouse with a precision of 1600 dots-per-inch (dpi), this is roughly 400 dpi more than the closet competitor. When combine with Razer's highly tunable software you end up with a mouse that is ideal for gaming, photo manipulation, or just surfing the web."

DFI 875P-T Motherboard @ Legit Reviews

"The DFI 875P-T allows users to realize the full potential of the LGA 775 processor while still using their current AGP video card and DDR 1 memory. This allows users to upgrade incrementally instead of replacing their whole system at once."

Intel Pentium 4 570J CPU Review @ X-Bit Labs

"We would like to offer you a review of the top Intel Pentium 4 processor model working at the actual frequency of 3.8GHz. The new Intel processor is based on E0 core stepping that is why besides the traditional set of benchmarks we will also study the overclocking potential of the core, heat dissipation parameters and power consumption rate, as well as new features such as Execute Disable Bit."

New Omega Catalyst Drivers(Based on 4.12 Beta) @

"The new Catalyst version of the Omega drivers is now out. I haven't given them a try yet, but I'm sure we can expect the same level of quality found in previous drivers. I've had a little trouble getting the official 4.12 Beta drivers to install, so hopefully I can get these on my systems" - Matt