Official Sony PlayStation 4 Remote Play App Confirmed For Both PC And Mac

Well, we’re guessing that this isn’t the response that indie developer Twisted was expecting. Earlier this week, Twisted announced that it was releasing its own native app for Windows that provides remote play capabilities for PlayStation 4 games.

Twisted confirmed that the app would cost $10 as it “sadly [is] the only way to support my living costs.” Unfortunately for Twisted, it appears that Sony isn’t about to let a third-party developer profit from an app that it could easily offer for free.

PlayStation 4

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, took to Twitter to let PlayStation 4 fans know that Sony is working on a first-party solution that will allow game streaming:

Yup, you heard that correctly. Not only is the app already in development, but Sony is looking to one-up Microsoft’s game streaming support on the Xbox One by supporting Macs — Xbox One game streaming only supports Windows 10.

Basic controller support for Windows 10 and OS X shouldn’t be a problem as the PlayStation 4 wireless controller supports both Bluetooth and USB functionality. However, Sony will likely have to enable some additional driver functionality to specifically support the integrated touchpad in Windows and OS X, ensuring that all PlayStation 4 games can be played without issue.

Yoshida gave no timetable as to when the official app would be made available to gamers, but we have the feeling that it can’t be too far away given Sony’s decision to make its existence known to the public.