Office Live Workspace Pre-Registration Opens

As of today, Microsoft is taking pre-registrations for "Office Live Workspace," their answer to Google Docs. Only a limited number of pre-registrants will be allowed into the first group.

The software maker is announcing Office Live Workspace, a free online tool for viewing, sharing and storing--but not editing--Office documents online. (Its existing Office Live efforts will be rebranded as Office Live Small Business.) It's not quite ready--starting Monday customers will be able to put in their name to be part of a beta testing program expected to begin later this year.

The biggest difference between Google Docs and this service is the lack of an ability to use the browser to edit any documents.  Instead, you use the Office Suite already installed on your PC to edit the documents.  Will they change this in the future?  Hard to say, as they wouldn't want to affect their Office sales, but with Google Docs out there, who knows?
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