OCZ PowerStream PSU, BFG 6800 GT, ASUS PSU Roundup and Others

Good evening friends, how was your day?  Over the past while I have been trying to convert my eating habits.  I had been consuming to much "bad" food and had not been feeling the greatest because of that.  So, to go along with this health kick, I have decided to invest into a new Mountain Bike.  I have not full decided on what I want to get, but it looks like it is going to cost me around the same price as cheap laptop.  I just don't think I can trust a hundred dollar bike to support my six foot, 200 pound body while blazing down a trail ;)  If you have any good suggestions for a bike, drop me a note.

Anyhow, getting to the task at hand, here is some news...

 OCZ PowerStream 420W Power Supply Review @ LAN Addict

"What do you get for your hard-earned $100? First and foremost, you get reliable power. Not only is that power reliable, each of the three positive rails is adjustable! You get a bit of future-proofing, due to the fact that the OCZ PowerStream PSU is already BTX-compliant. The pre-sleeved and neatly twisted wiring will help keep your case tidy, which can help air flow through your case. OCZ is also one of very few companies that have a warranty of any kind on their PSU, let alone a total of five years worth of warranty coverage!"

 BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC Review @ Neoseeker

"[The BFG GT OT overclocked to] a whopping 428 Mhz core and a 1.11 Ghz memory clock. The headroom on the GT seems pretty amazing if this sample is any indication of the ability of the retail cards. Not only are we past 6800 Ultra speeds but we are also surpass BFG's 6800 Ultra OC specs (425 Mhz).  Something else to ponder is that the GT is a single slot, single molex solution compared to Ultra which utilize dual slots and dual molex connectors. The BFG 6800 GT OC stayed stable and artifact free for over an hour looping in 3DMark03."

 Three ASUS Power Supply Units Roundup @ xbitlabs

"You may find a lot of ASUS products reviewed in our labs, but today we would like to offer you something new. We will take a closer look at power supply unit from the well-known mainboard and VGA card manufacturer – ASUS. High quality and excellent features of these solutions are definitely worth your attention. Read more in our new article now!"

 Three External Hard Disk Drives with 120GB Storage Capacity @ xbitlabs

"Nearly all of the major manufacturers of hard disk drives have recently expanded their model lines of external storage devices, making us pay more attention to this market. Today, we would like to offer you the results of our testing session with three 120GB external HDDs from Maxtor and Western Digital."

 Sony VAIO VGN-S1VP notebook @ TrustedReviews

"Finished in a very fetching black and silver, the S1VP is the kind of machine that all self confessed IT style junkies would love. The black lid is offset beautifully by the mirrored VAIO lettering and the smallest of Sony logos. Opening the lid reveals a black keyboard at the centre of a silver chassis, although opinion in the office is split about the chrome plated touch pad buttons...."

That is all for the time being.  If something interesting comes up, I will make sure to post it :) - Cheers

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