OCZ PC4800 Platinum, GIGABYTE GA-8I945P Pro

Hey folks, we're posting the final roundup of articles today. Goodnight all, enjoy the news.

GIGABYTE GA-8I945P Pro Motherboard @ Techniz

"The GA-8I945P Pro was featuring the new Intel(R) 945P Express chipset with Hyper-Threading Technology delivers significant performance gains with variety of new generation architectures including the DDR2 main memory, PCI-Express interface, and Serial-ATA 2 interface for improving storage performance. The motherboard itself has a lot of built in features such as Gigabit LAN, RAID, and 7.1 channel sound. Besides that, it comes with a good bundle of software."

Edifier e3100 Speaker Review @ Ninjalane

"In this review we will be looking at a mainstream speaker system from Edifier called the e3100. The system comes in a 2+1 configuration making it perfect for any desktop computer setup or even a stand alone DVD or stereo system. Being that there is only 2 speakers and a sub surround sound will be out of the question."

OCZ PC4800 Platinum Review @ Neoseeker

"Today at Neoseeker we take a look at a pair of memory modules from OCZ which are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with DDR1 as it is rated at blistering PC4800. With the overclocking abilities of the nForce 4 chipset, it is now possible run at 1:1 memory timings all the way up to a 300Mhz FSB."

Radeon X700 vs GeForce 6600 Comparison (AGP & PCIe) @ Hardware Zone

"Initially launched as mid-range products, both the Radeon X700 and the GeForce 6600 are heading for the lower strata with the introduction of the new generation of graphics cards. For those on a budget, we have lined up a comparison of the two rivals to find out which one gives you the most value."

Jetart Xcool NP6900 Foldable Notebook Cooler @ Adrian's Rojak Pot

"Jetart has been at the forefront of notebook cooler design for a long time now. They have been continuously developing newer and better cooler designs for notebook. Today, we take a close look at the top cooler in their foldable notebook cooler series - the Xcool NP6900 Foldable Notebook Cooler!"