OCZ PC4000, Mini Gaming PC, XP Safe Mode Guide and DVD Burnin'

Good evening folks.  Awfully sorry for the long delay in news postage today.  We had a little miscommunication on coverage that left things unattended longer than we wanted.  Don't fret, however, we have some evening tidbits that should hold you over for a while.

OCZ 1GB (2x512MB) PC4000EL Dual-Channel Kit Review @ EOC:

"When it comes to choosing the right memory for your overclocking needs, you'd be hard pressed to find memory more highly recommended than OCZ Technology. In the short time since OCZ hit the memory market in August 2000 it has become the most sought after brand of high performance RAM products among computer enthusiasts. OCZ has always catered to the high-end user and provides products that are on the bleeding edge of memory technology. OCZ even offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products."

FIC Condor Mini Gaming PC Video Review #477 @ 3DGameMan.com:

"With a fast Socket 478 CPU, the FIC Condor makes an excellent mini computer system. It's very compact and does not take up a lot of space as most computer systems do. Since it is small, working inside could be a problem. However, the ingenious case design makes access easy, and there is plenty of room for installing or removing hardware. This product sets new standards for mini computing. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Beginners Guides: Windows XP Safe Mode Explained @ PCStats.com:

"In our experience many users have little more than a vague awareness of the existence of 'safe-mode' in Windows, and no idea how to get into it or why they would want to. Good topic for a guide, we thought. In this article, PCstats will explain how Windows XP's various 'Safe Modes' work, how you access them and how they can help you troubleshoot various software and operating system issues. Now, isn't this a handy topic!?"

TDK AID 1616DLN Dual Format DVD Writer @ hardwarezone.com:

"A brief respite after its 12x DVD writer, the AID 1280B, TDK is stirring up waves once more with its latest 16x DVD writer. After hours of testing the TDK AID 1616DLN, we eventually awarded it our highest rating and quite deservedly so too."

That's it for now.  Have yourselves a great weekend!  I'll catch you back here next week.