OCZ EL DDR-PC4000 2GB Gold, Nikon D70s 6.1 MP DSLR

I came across some great new pictures of Nintendo's Revolution controller today(thanks blue!). The Wavebird adapter is not surprising as the system supports Gamecube titles. There's still plenty of criticism about the new controller, and Nintendo needs to show it off a little more, possibly with demos of current favorites such as Metroid or Zelda. Anyway, enjoy the news folks, goodnight!

OCZ PC2 4200 Gold Edition (2x 1Gb) 3-3-3-8 @ Club Overclocker

"For the past year I've always recommended 1gb of good DDR or DDR2. No more, no less. That was until I started playing new games like Doom 3, Half Life 2, and now Battlefield 2. While Doom 3 was more graphics card intensive, it also needed a ton of RAM. Half Life 2 wasn't too graphics card intensive, but it still required a lot of RAM to run smooth. As for Battlefield 2, it seems that this game is all about the RAM. I've been playing Battlefield 2 on a regular basis and there is clearly a lag problem with this game, even with the graphics settings tamed down on an ATi X850XT PE."

OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 2GB Gold Edition @ Phoronix

"Having 2GB of system memory used to be a luxury that few could afford and was considered overkill by many, with servers and workstations only being able to effective utilize 2GB+ of RAM. Today, however, we have a 2GB Dual Channel kit that is not only geared toward normal PC users, but toward overclockers and enthusiasts, the EL DDR PC-4000 2GB Gold Edition Dual Channel."

OCZ DDR Booster Mod @ Hardware.GamersHell

"OCZ's DDR Booster is a great overclocking tool. However, it has some limitations. One of these is the fact that the voltage that it is supplying tends to drop under load by up to 0.1v (or more) in some cases. This can cause instability due to fluctuating voltages. This mod aims to reduce this voltage drop, possibly to as little as 0.01v (a tenth of the drop of an unmodded booster)."

Nikon D70s 6.1 MP DSLR @ Bytesector

"The Nikon D70 has been out for a bit over a year now, and has been considered by many to be one of the best low-to-mid range digital SLR cameras on the market. Despite how well it performs, Nikon decided to improve upon it with the release of the D70s. This isn't a total remake or an entirely new camera, but rather a D70 which has been notably improved upon."

SilverStone LC17 HTPC Case @ ThinkComputers.org | Image

"Everyone HTPC or Home Theater Personal Computer. When the concept originally came out, I really couldn't see why I would want or need one. As time passed though, I came to realize that much more could be done with an HTPC than just watch movies. With the vast new and improved hardware and television sets, the quality just gets better and better."

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