Oculus Rift Touch Motion Controllers To Launch With Over 50 Supported Titles


It still remains to be seen if virtual reality experiences are here to stay of if they're a passing fad, but in favor of the former, developers are stepping up and taking advantage of current hardware solutions. That includes the Oculus Rift and its upcoming Touch motion controllers, which are slated to release next week. Accompanying them will be over 50 made-for-VR titles that leverage the Touch controllers.

To be exact, there will be 53 VR titles optimized for Touch input on day one. Some will be better than others, obviously, but Rift owners who pre-ordered the Touch will find a large and varied catalog of titles to choose from, everything from basketball (NBA 2KVR Experience) and fishing (Pro Fishing Challenge VR) to unique experiences such as I Expect You To Die and Kingspray Graffiti.

"This is just the beginning. Even more amazing titles designed for Touch will hit the Oculus Store in 2017," Oculus stated in a blog post.

Oculus announced in June of last year that it was working on Touch motion controllers for the Rift. They were originally supposed to come out in the first quarter of this year, but around this time last year Oculus decided to delay the launch so that it could make improvements to the hardware so that controllers would be "more comfortable, reliable, and natural."

"The feedback on Touch has been incredibly positive, and we know this new timeline will produce an even better product, one that will set the bar for VR input," Oculus said at the time. "We appreciate your patience and promise Touch will be worth the wait."

Having Touch controllers will bring some parity to the Rift and Vive in terms of input and should help create a more immersive experience. The Touch controllers also erase the price advantage the Rift has over the Vive—they run $199. A bundle consisting of the Rift headset and Touch controllers costs $798, virtually the same as the HTC Vive ($799), which comes with motion controllers as well.

You can still pre-order Touch controllers for the Rift. They'll be available December 6, as will the 53 new titles that take advantage of them.