Oculus Injects Some Much Needed Excitement Into PGA Golf Tour Through VR

PGA Tour Shot

Gaming is often the focus when VR is brought up, and while that could be the "ultimate" use for the tech, other content can make it seem just as worthwhile. In time, we could see full-fledged movies available in VR, and right now, we can find a lot of "one-off" content including music videos. And for sports fans? Well, there are few things as cool as being placed right in the middle of the action.

Over the past few months, we've taken the field with the New England Patriots, and were able to see what LeBron James is made of. Now, the folks at the PGA have done us a solid and invited us on the tour to see some of the action up close.

With a series of four videos, the PGA takes us to a practice area where Patrick Rodgers and Peter Malnati give us some guidance, lets us enjoy the 16th hole at Waste Management's Phoenix Open, and even takes us behind-the-scenes of a PGA broadcast.

All of the videos can be found in the Oculus store on Gear VR, but for everyone else, the following two can be enjoyed on YouTube (with a mouse and keyboard if you don't have a headset):

As good as this footage is, the quality is unfortunately lacking - even if the videos are run at 4K. Part of this could be due to the fact that a lot of bandwidth is required for 360° video, although there are a lot of other 360° videos on YouTube that have better clarity. But it shouldn't be of too much concern, as we're still in the early days of VR, and the quality will undoubtedly improve as our equipment does.