Apple Tiptoes Into Virtual Reality Scene With U2 Music Video

Up to this point, Apple's been quiet on the virtual reality front - no doubt due to the fact that it has some not-so-super-secretive plans to jump into the automotive market soon. Well, it seems now is the right time to show off something VR-related, and to do so, the company has called-upon the help of its favorite band in the world, U2.

Apple has worked with U2 quite a bit over the years, and given the band's pull, I'm sure its services are far from being pro bono. Last fall, Apple got into hot water after forcing an iTunes download of the band's latest album to user accounts, which to this day still seems like a baffling move. Nonetheless, it didn't affect the company's relationship with the band at all.

U2 Experience

As part of a new promotion, Apple is beginning to setup an "Experience Bus" outside of U2 shows where fans can strap on an Oculus headset and don a pair of Beats headphones (of course) to to become immersed in a jam session. In it, viewers will see the band in action, while also being able to witness fans in their living rooms across the world play along as well. Even as someone who's not drawn to U2, this does sound like a cool VR experience.

This experience runs through the Vrse app which is available on iOS, as well as Gear VR and Google Cardboard. It's unclear if anyone can simply go experience it now, or if it has to be done at these events (it seems to be the latter.)

For those with VR capabilities (or even those without), there are numerous videos to take in on YouTube. This includes the one above, of one of my favorite bands, Scooter. In it, viewers can "experience" a concert that's cut down into small snippets. There are other 360° videos worth checking out though as well, including some by Avicii, björk, and Fort Minor.

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