NZXT's BLD Kits Aim To Make Building A Gaming PC Easy And Accessible To All Skill Levels


Building your first PC can be a daunting experience trying to figure out what parts will play nicely together. Not to mention the stress of trying to find a GPU at MSRP (good luck with that). NZXT is attempting to make all that quite a bit easier by offering a pair of all-inclusive kits that can take most of the stress out of someone's first build. Or just make life easier even for experienced builders.

To that end, NZXT announced the release of its BLD Kit. The company advertises it as an “Adventure In A Box” that will allow new PC builders to experience the joy of building their very first PC without all the added stress that typically accompanies it. This comes at a welcome time too, while GPUs are still in short supply.

"There are websites, forums, subreddits, and more that can be good resources for new builders. The tricky part has always been finding a one-stop-shop solution that has you covered at each step of the process. From selecting parts, to putting it all together, to booting up your build for the very first time. That’s where BLD Kit comes in," NZXT says.


The process is simple. You begin by selecting your choice of BLD Kit. There are currently two options, a Starter Pro BLD Kit and a Streaming Plus BLD Kit. Once the build of your choice arrives you then assemble the parts alongside a handy-dandy guidebook using everything you need to piece it all together.

Included with the comprehensive guide are all the components, which are conveniently labeled and organized, along with a complete tool kit. This is covered by the BLD's standard two-year warranty on all parts.  For the visual learners there is a series of videos that will guide you through each and every step of the build. If all that is not enough and you still need more help, there is a support team ready to assist you via email, chats, and calls to help you finish your build with as little stress as possible.

NZXT BLD Kit Components

Speaking of components, both kits will be housed in NZXT's H510 mid-tower chassis in either black or white. The Starter Pro is powered by an Intel Core i5-11400F CPU, while the Streaming Plus sports an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X.

Both kits include a factory-overclocked Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU, an AsRock B560 Pro4 motherboard, and 16GB of T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4-3200 memory. The Starter Pro is powered by a Seasonic 550W Bronze PSU and the Streaming Plus steps up the power with a 650W version.

Cooling is provided by a DeepCool Gammaxx GTE V2 in the Starter Pro kit and an NZXT Kraken 120MM all-in-one liquid cooler in the Streaming Plus. Finally, each kit includes a 1TB WD Blue SN550 NVMe M.2 SSD, and Microsoft Windows 10 Home. Yes, you will need to upgrade to Window 11 if you want.

NZXT has simplified building your first PC with these kits, both of which are available now—the Starter Pro BLD Kit runs $1,399, while the Streaming Plus BLD Kit costs $1,599.

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