NZXT Trinity Full Tower, Jackito Fingertip PDA and More

Good morning everyone!!  It seems as if Mother Nature is making a valiant effort to free the greater Toronto area from his icy shell which arrived over the past few days.  With the sun melting what is hopefully the last ruminant of snow, this boy is itching to break out the mountain bike and hit the trails.

In the mean time though, let's see what the good'ol News-Fairy brought in overnight...

 NZXT Trinity Full Tower Case @ HardcoreWare

"With the basic version carrying an MSRP of just around $70, the Trinity won't have to go to extremes to impress us. It has to look good though, and if you take a look you'll agree that they've at least succeeded in that. However, we found that this entry-level case from NZXT doesn't exactly live up to their own standard they set so high with their previous two cases."

 Jackito Fingertip-Touchscreen PDA Preview @ The Tech Zone

"Novinit, a French company, has developed the world's first TDA or Tactile Digital Assistant. The TDA is based on touch-screen technology and relies entirely on your thumbs for input, which are harder to lose than a stylus. The TDA is named Jackito and comes with two simultaneous touch points so you can operate it with your thumbs at the same time and so no need for a stylus. Using the TDA is very easy, since you can search a database or a large address book, with just your thumbs. Using the device with your thumbs is actually much faster than a stylus (well at least that's what the company claims)."

 Leadtek WinFast TV USB II Deluxe Review @

"This little white box is designed to be a universal gateway to pipe all sorts of external media into your PC. And when I say little, I mean little. We're talking about the size of two or three Pop-Tarts stacked on one another. With its two coax inputs, you can not only plug in to watch cable TV on your desktop, but with the included antenna, you can also tune in to local radio stations. It also has single RCA and S-Video inputs which opens a floodgate of possibilities and uses for this device. Imagine being able to record old VHS/Camcorder tapes digitally into your PC so that you could then record them to DVD. With the right audio adapters, you could even plug in your favorite console and play on your high resolution monitor."

 Shuttle nF4 SN25P XPC @ t-break

"While Shuttle had "upgraded" the chassis for their Intel based XPCs with the release of their 915 platform, AMD enthusiasts were still stuck with the small sized chassis that didn't have as much room for expansion. With their nForce4 based SN25P, Shuttle changes that"

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