NVIDIA's Quad SLI: Demystifying the rumors

Having two video cards in your system still not enough? For those that can afford it, Quad-SLI is coming. Today FiringSquad gives us a peak of Dell's implementation of the tech. It's great to see they'll be hitting the market, but are these Quad-SLI cards going to be available for everyone, or just system builders such as Dell and Falcon Northwest?

"In the case of the Dell demonstration launched at CES, the PCBs for two GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB GPUs were grafted onto one board, requiring one x16 PCI Express graphics slot. You must then combine this card with a second board to enable Quad SLI. The whole setup only requires two x16 PCI Express graphics slots, even though it looks like four cards at first glance."
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