NVIDIA to launch IGP chipsets for AMD Platform

According to a report on the Digitimes website, NVIDIA is planning to launch a few new chipsets for the AMD platform complete with next-gen IGPs and PCI Express 2.0 support.

"The chipset will come out in two versions, the high-end MCP72XE and the mainstream MCP72P, both support HyperTransport 3.0 and upcoming AMD Phenom processors.

The MCP72XE will adopt a two chip design and has 35 PCI Express lanes with PCI Express 2.0 support, and is cable of dual 16x or quad 8x SLI modes.

The MCP72P will adopt a single chip design and has 18 PCI Express Lanes. Although the chipset also supports PCI Express 2.0 it only supports a dual 8x SLI mode."

A late November or early December release date is mentioned in the article citing unnamed motherboard manufacturers.  The article also claims the new chips will be pin-compatible with previous offerings, which should speed their adoption rate.