NVIDIA Tegra TAB Device Passes Through FCC Packing Stylus And Tegra 4 Chip

The NVIDIA P1640 tablet appears to have a real product name--the NVIDIA Tegra TAB--and it’s made an appearance at the FCC. Documents show that the 7-inch device sports a variant of the Tegra 4 chip (T4OS-A2) and comes with a stylus--or at least, the “Premium Model” will.

The Tegra TAB also comes loaded with the standard spate of Android apps as well as specialized software just for the device that appears to emphasize stylus input. These include Autodesk SketchBook Express, Stylus Mobile, Write (a word processor for handwriting), and NVIDIA Pen Application Launcher; Camera Awesome will replace a native camera app.


There’s a “base port” on the device, as well as an SD card slot, rear camera, audio jack, HDMI, and USB, and it has an LG-made 1280x800 display. It’s unclear if this is a product that will be available at retail from NVIDIA or if it’s going to be more of a developer platform or OEM device. However, considering that there appears to be a complete user manual included with the FCC documents, it’s reasonable to assume that we’ll see the NVIDIA Tegra TAB for sale somewhere sometime soon.