NVIDIA SLI Interview, CoolerMaster Aquagate Mini R80, and more!

In addition to the reviews and interview we have for you tonight, we also have another press release from Intel on their First-Quarter Revenue($9.4 Billion). And if your hunting for a new graphics card(s), check out Marco's latest article as he takes a look at the Asus Extreme N6600GT(SLI). Good night :)

Exclusive NVIDIA SLI Interview @ PenStar Systems

"I had the opportunity to interview Chris Daniel, Program Manager for NVIDIA's SLI technology. I covered topics that have generally been overlooked, and some very interesting information was uncovered in the process. Topics covered include the professional market, the functionality of the "over the top" connector, and a compare/contrast to a "supertiling" solution."

Cooler Master Vortex TX Heatsink @ SystemCooling.com

"Today we're going to be looking at another new Cooler Master cooling product. It seems that Cooler Master has been keeping their engineers hard at work this year, coming out with some high quality innovative products. In my last review we looked at their new water cooling system, and in this one we're going to see how their latest air cooling solution, the Vortex TX, compares in performance and noise levels."

Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Zenith VE Review @ Ninjalane

"In this review we will be looking at the Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Zenith Value Edition. The board is based on the nVidia nForce4 Ultra chipset and as the name suggests is value oriented. Don't confuse Value with cheap, the board comes with a fair amount of onboard features but lacks many of the extra stuff we have come to expect."

CoolerMaster Aquagate Mini R80 @ OCIA.net

"Today we will be looking at a watercooling solution from CoolerMaster, the Aquagate Mini R80, a self-contained, maintenance-free system that is designed for nearly every socket and every case on the market. Can such a system really stack up to today's cooling demands?"

NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra Motherboard Roundup @ Hardware Zone

"NVIDIA's nForce4 is upon us, but what happens then to the nForce3 Ultra? These boards still pack a punch when combined with the Athlon 64 and better yet, will not burn a hole in your pocket with need for additional upgrades."