NVIDIA Quadro RTX Turing HPC Data Science Workstations Coming From HP, Lenovo And Dell

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is looking to expand its presence in the high-performance workstation market with new systems that are specifically geared towards data scientists. More specifically, the machines are designed to accelerate data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning tasks that are becoming increasingly more important to a number of sectors including the finance, retail, and insurance fields.

The new GPU-Accelerated Data Science Workstation reference platform makes use of dual Turing-based Quadro RTX 6000 or RTX 8000 GPUs delivering as much as 96GB of memory and up to 260 teraflops of peak compute performance (thanks to the high-speed NVLink interconnect).

nvidia Data Science Workstation

Backing that immense amount of GPU power is an equally powerful software suite that is composed of NVIDIA's CUDA-X AI libraries for accelerating tasks like data analysis and deep learning. These libraries include TensorRT and cuDNN, and CUDA-X AI can also be incorporated into cloud platforms like the Google Cloud and Microsoft's Azure platform. Also backing the Data Science Workstation is the NVIDIA RAPIDS library suite for data prep and graphics analysis, along with Python/R and AI machine learning with Anaconda Distribution.

“Data science is one of the fastest growing fields of computer science and impacts every industry. Enterprises are eager to unlock the value of their business data using machine learning and are hiring at an unprecedented rate data scientists who require powerful workstations architected specifically for their needs,” said NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

NVIDIA says that content creators are already leveraging the RTX ray-tracing technology to create complex scenes with photorealistic imagery. And thanks to AI acceleration, they're able to process the immense workloads faster than ever.

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"When you’re designing a building or bringing a character to life for your movie, the ability to visualize your creation with correct lighting and accurate materials rather than a low-resolution approximation dramatically improves your workflow,” said Greg Estes, vice president of Developer Programs at NVIDIA. “We’re thrilled with the broad industry adoption of NVIDIA RTX, which speaks volumes on how real-time ray tracing is transforming the 3D market.”

While NVIDIA has announced a reference platform with dual Quadro RTX GPUs, actual shipping systems will be available from a wide variety of the company's OEM partners including Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell. Regional OEMs will also take part in building systems, with some of those partners including BOXX, Colfax, Microway, and Delta.

According to NVIDIA, these new Data Science Workstations will be available immediately.