NVIDIA PureVideo Technology, PowerStream 600W PSU, and more!

We actually had a decent amount of snow last night. I may not be good with a snowboard like Jay, but I've got some mean skills on a toboggan ;) Anyway, here's the latest in our news feed.

Twinhan DTV MagicBox and VisionDTV Mini Ter @ HEXUS.net

"Between the two products you've seen here, Twinhan have covered all their bases for anybody wanting a straightforward device enabling them to view terrestrial digital television on their PC. For laptop users or anyone on the move, you have the USB-based MagicBox, and for those only planning to use a single computer to feed their TV watching habits, then the PCI board will be the way to go."

NVIDIA PureVideo Technology - Can NVIDIA take back ground from ATI? @ PC Perspective

"At all default settings, and without the changed DLL files for Windows Media Player 10, the NVIDIA and ATI cards showed similar performance, with the edge going to ATI slightly. However, after installing the new DLLs that NVIDIA promises will be in the next update to the WMP10 software, the NVIDIA 6-series cards show a dramatic improvement in lowering CPU utilization to show the same movies."

Constructing A Linux Workstation (2004) @ Phoronix

"Whether you have some extra money or gift cards from the holiday season and aren't sure how you should spend it or you just feel it's time for an upgrade, we have some recommendations for building a reliable Linux gaming workstation for only $1500 USD."

OCZ PowerStream 600W Power Supply Review @ CoolTechZone

"OCZ has been getting a lot of attention from enthusiasts these days and there is a reason for that. First and foremost their power supplies are getting quite popular among PC users; we, ourselves, were very impressed with their PowerStream 520W power supply, which we evaluated a while back. Considering that PowerStream line of units was their first attempt into the market, OCZ is doing rather well. Now the company is back with a 600W flavor of their PowerStream power supplies."