Nvidia Continues Gains in Graphics Market

The figures for graphics market share are out for Q2 of 2007. According to John Peddie Research, it appears that Nvidia continues to seize market share away from Intel and AMD. In fact, Nvidia’s market share took another leap this past quarter from Q1, whereas AMD’s market share continued its steady slide. As for Intel, it took a small dive compared to last quarter.
“NVIDIA is taking market share mostly from AMD/ATI, but also from Intel. With 19.5 percent of the graphics market, AMD/ATI is now almost exactly where NVIDIA was one year ago at the bottom of the pack, while NVIDIA has moved up into second place to breath down Intel's neck. For Intel's part, the world's largest graphics chip supplier is down almost three points from a year ago.”
What’s interesting is that Nvidia and AMD are almost mirror images of one another. Also interesting is that Nvidia and Intel seem to be converging, which means that they could be on a collision course. Nvidia’s growth is attributed mainly to its success in the desktop chipset and discrete graphics markets, with the former having the most effect. Here are the exact figures for Q1 of 2007: AMD 21.9%; Nvidia 28.3%; and Intel 38.7%, and figures for Q2 of 2007: AMD 19.5%; Nvidia 32.6%, Intel 37.6%.
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