NVIDIA Holodeck AI Platform Enables Collaborative VR Environments For Designers

Every Star Trek fan in the world has been waiting for a real-life Holodeck to emerge. NVIDIA has gone and built one and is now inviting designers and developers to test it out. Well, sort of. NVIDIA unveiled an intelligent virtual reality platform that is capable of delivering photorealistic visuals and real-world physics, all simulated in a VR environment. Called Holodec, NVIDIA is essentially offering developers the necessary tools to build and immerse themselves into a virtual design lab.

"NVIDIA Holodeck empowers designers to bring peers, partners and customers along the design journey to explore intricate, life-like 3D worlds together and ensure that the best ideas are discovered," said Bob Pette, vice president of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA. "It's an unparalleled environment for deploying and testing AI-based agents—and will only get better as we add more AI capabilities."


Holodeck is capable of rendering large and highly detailed photorealistic models, both in real-time and at life-like scale. One of NVIDIA's pitches is that developers can save significant time in bringing products to market by using Holodeck to focus on their designs, as opposed to simplifying complex models to achieve a smooth experience in VR. Holodeck can also lead to better products in the long run.

"By understanding how a project looks, feels, sounds and behaves in different environments before deploying them in the real world, designers can create superior, safer products," NVIDIA explains.

Automation can potentially get a boost with Holodeck as well. Using AI-powered simulation tools, Holodeck can serve as a training ground for intelligent machines before transferring them into the real-world. By anticipating real-world conditions in a virtual environment, Holodeck could lead to better designed and all-around safer robotics that will ultimately interact with humans and/or other objects.

NVIDIA is inviting experienced 3D designers to apply for Early Access to Holodeck. Those who are interested will need a power VR-enabled system—Holodeck supports the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Quadro P6000, and Titan Xp. Designers who make the cut will be able to import their 3dsMax and Maya models into Holodeck.