NVIDIA G-SYNC Do-It-Yourself Kit Now Available For Order

NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology keeps the output from a Kepler-based GPU in sync with a monitor regardless of framerates and irrespective of whether or not V-Sync is enabled; the result is a butter-smooth GPU-controlled display that essentially obviates fixed vertical refresh rates. (You can read a detailed primer on G-SYNC here.)


There are some G-SYNC-enabled displays coming, including at least one from ASUS (the 27-inch ROG SWIFT PG278Q at 2560x1440), but for a limited time, eager modders can upgrade an ASUS VG248QE display already with a DIY G-SYNC kit from NVIDIA.

There’s a handy installation video and an accompanying instructional PDF, and NVIDIA says that you can perform the mod in roughly 30 minutes. The kit costs $199, with a $9.50 standard shipping charge. If you’re the sort that salivates at exposing the guts of your monitor and trying out some G-SYNC goodness, you’re welcome and have a fun weekend.