NVIDIA Launches GeForce Game Ready Driver For Battlefield V With Day 1 DXR Ray Tracing Support

NVIDIA has been busy getting Game Ready drivers for Windows PCs ready for the launch of the highly anticipated Battlefield V from Dice and EA. Battlefield V launches on November 20 and NVIDIA notes that ahead of the game launch, its driver to support DXR ray tracing is also now available for download. NVIDIA says that its Game Ready Drivers are typically available on or before launch day for major titles, to give GeForce gamers the best experience possible, though some wondered if ray tracing would be supported day 1. This announcement apparently brings things a bit more in focus. 

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The reason NVIDIA launch drivers so close to the launch of the game is to give engineers at the company as much time to optimize performance and gameplay as possible. NVIDIA also notes that every Game Ready Driver is also WHQL-certified by Microsoft. This new Game Ready Driver shouldn't be confused with the driver package that NVIDIA launched last Friday; that driver was 416.81 WHQL.

This new driver supporting DXR Ray tracing is driver version 416.94 WHQL and launched November 13. It supports Windows 10 64-bit systems and is a 520.16 MB download that includes the display driver and NVIDIA's Geforce Experience app. In addition to enabling DXR ray tracing for Battlefield V, NVIDIA also notes that this driver provides the best gaming experience for Hitman 2 and Fallout 76.

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Regarding the DXR capability of the driver, NVIDIA noted that EA and DICE have announced that the first release for DXR real-time ray tracing in Battlefield V will land for the game in an upcoming patch set to debut near the launch window for the Deluxe Edition of the game. NVIDIA of course also promises to continue to optimize and update drivers for Battlefield V after the game launches. You can check out our on-site capture of Battlefield V ray tracing in action here, from NVIDIA's GeForce RTX launch event...

Gamers who are gearing up for Battlefield V and wondering how well their gaming rigs will fare can check out the minimum and recommended PC system specifications for the game that were announced at the beginning of the month. If you want to take advantage of DXR ray tracing in the Battlefield V, you'll need beefy system specs, complete with an NVIDIA RTX GPU inside. The driver can be downloaded manually here.