Numark and Genius Bring Turntable To Video Games

A few years ago, turntables were reserved for hardcore DJs and beat-mixers. Today, they're everywhere. In cellphones, in homes and now, in video games. And we're not talking about no-name third-party manufacturers, we're talking about big names in the industry. For example, Numark and Genius just announced Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Videogame Controller, which will be the newest peripheral on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3.

Naturally, the scratch deck will be showcased next week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it will basically be the first realistic turntable for videogame use. The device itself will be called SCRATCH DECK, which will combine two elements of the DJ and hip-hop experience - a free-spinning, touch sensitive turntable with a crossfader and 5 Akai Pro MPC-style drum pads. We told you this was no toy, didn't we?

The turntable allows players to add their own style and manipulate the songs in real time, while the MPC-style drum pads give players the opportunity to perform and customize tracks by triggering samples using the very same pads that are the cornerstone of professional hip-hop beat production. Samples can be pre-loaded into the accompanying game using 60 records that will ship with the software, or players can record and upload their own samples using a compatible USB microphone. Oh, and it's designed to handle scratches from both right- and left-handed players.

The SCRATCH DECK will be available this fall for an undisclosed amount.