Nuka Cola Returns To Target Stores, Get A Bottle Free With Fallout 4 Purchase

Thirsty gamers rejoice, a second shipment of Nuka Cola Quantum is heading to Target stores, Bethesda announced on its Fallout 4 Twitter account. The popular post-apocalyptic beverage, which is a replica of the in-game drink that restores hit points, sold out in quick order the first time Target offered it.

Nuka Cola Quantum

It was always meant to be a limited edition item. Bethesda partnered with Jones Soda Company to produce the blue-colored beverage, which is the same as the company's berry lemonade soda but with Nuka Cola Quantum packaging.

Though it was meant to be a limited run, Bethesda was probably surprised at just how quickly the real-life cola flew off store shelves. It didn't help that Target employees reportedly snatched up what little stock the stores had to begin with, hoarding the bottles for themselves and then posting them on eBay at inflated prices.

Bethesda is making a habit of bringing back limited edition Fallout 4 items for a second run. After stating months ago that no more Pip-Boy Editions of Fallout 4 would be produced once the first wave sold out, more copies found their way to Amazon (which are again sold out).

As before, Nuka Cola Quantum will run $2.99 per bottle. However, gamers can also get a free bottle when purchasing Fallout 4 or or its DLC season pass..