Nuka Cola Quantum Hits Target Stores Just In Time For Fallout 4’s November 10th Release

If you’re a diehard Fallout fan, there are plenty of goodies out there to “enhance” your enjoyment of Fallout 4. For those that were able to get in early enough, there was the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4 which includes a metal encased version of game, a capsule case, a Robco Industries stand, and a wearable Pip-Boy. And for those outside of the United States, there’s Fallout beer courtesy of Carlsberg UK.

Now, Bethesda has forged another partnership to provide Fallout fans with some additional ice cold liquid refreshment, and this one unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) won’t get you drunk. Bethesda has called on Jones Soda to provide us with Nuka Cola Quantum, which just so happens to feature the same shade of blue as the Nuka Cola Quantum that was found within Fallout 3. It’s basically just a repackaged version of the company’s standard Berry Lemonade soda made for Fallout duty.

Unlike Fallout Beer, which isn’t available to those of us in the U.S., Nuka Cola Quantum will be available exclusively via U.S. Target stores starting November 10th — that just so happens to be the launch date for Fallout 4. Given all the hoopla surrounding Fallout 4, you’ll probably want to get to you Target store as early as possible on November 10th to get your suds before they’re all sold out. And then you can drink away as you enjoy your copy of Fallout 4, which should hopefully arrive on your doorstep by that afternoon.

Given that this is a Target exclusive; we feel bad for our gaming neighbors in Canada — Target closed down all of its stores in the country earlier this year.