Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Sold Out Nearly Everywhere And Won’t Be Restocked

If you followed this year's E3 -- particularly Bethesda's first annual press conference -- you still remember the wave of nostalgia and tech lust that washed over you when Fallout 4 director Todd Howard announced that for the low price of $119, you could secure your very own wearable Pip-Boy. Howard also emphasized that the upcoming RPG's Pip-Boy Edition would be very limited in quantity, and he wasn't joking. Bethesda's final allocation of Fallout 4 Collector's Edition bundles have shipped to retailers, and when they're gone, they're gone. 

Correction: When they're gone, they'll inevitably resurface on eBay for exorbitant prices. 

fallout 4 pipboy

The initial allotment went live at various retailers mere hours after Bethesda unveiled it, and was promptly sold out. In fact, gamers who woke up to the news the following morning were met with three devastating words: "Out of stock." 

It's easy to understand why Fallout fans snatched this up with such enthusiasm. Not only is the Pip-Boy ridiculously iconic, but when Bethesda kicked off development of Fallout 3, the first-generation iPhone wasn't even released yet. How many of us were dreaming of owning tangible piece of the retro-tinged Fallout universe? Fast forward to the present tense, and the notion that we can geek out by sliding our ubiquitous smart phones into a wearable, real-life Pip-Boy is rather thrilling. 

Fans and retail managers both clamored for a few more to put on the shelf, and Bethesda trickled some additional units to stores earlier this week. Bethesda VP of PR Pete Hines, however, has confirmed via Twitter that it's the end of the line. 

One has to imagine that a hot commodity like this prints money for Bethesda, so why not produce enough to meet the overwhelming demand? Hines addresses this in a follow-up tweet: 

Sorry folks, no amount of bottlecaps will make any further Collector's Editions materialize. 

Fallout 4 releases on November 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. When it does, I'll be shamelessly wearing my Pip-Boy to the grocery store.