Fallout 4 Pilsner-Style Beer Is Real, And It’s Spectacular

Where major video game releases are concerned, it's not usually too hard for the mega-fan to be able to find cool merchandise on the side to help complement the game. We're talking figurines, books, posters, and what-have-you. Or, in the case of the ultra-hyped Fallout 4, it could have beer! Oh, this one speaks to us.

Fallout Pilsner

"Fallout Beer" is the result of a partnership between Bethesda and Carlsberg UK, and is inspired by both the series itself, and in particular Vault-Tec Industries. It's a pilsner, which is sure to go down smoothly during a marathon gaming session, and at 4% ABV, it's not likely to make you fall asleep during that marathon.

As you'd probably guess, though, such a unique brew does not come cheap. Available only in the UK (unfortunately), a twelve pack is priced at £29.99, roughly equivalent to $46 USD. But can you really put a price on such a cool product? At that price, these are collector's items right out of the gate.

It's worth noting that this wasn't the only cool product to come out in support of Fallout 4. Fans who were lucky enough (read: quick enough) to purchase the Pip-Boy edition of the game score not just a cool capsule case, but also a wearable Pip-Boy and an awesome metal game case. Also, to help drum up even more excitement for the series, the company also released an anthology a couple of months ago which included a mini-nuke that the games can be stored in.

I think Bethesda really has this merch thing nailed down.