NSA Intended To Poison Android Phones By Delivering Malware Via Google Play

If you thought that there couldn't possibly be more unbelievable stories to stem from Edward Snowden's leaks, you're sorely mistaken. Today, we learn of a truly appalling effort that the NSA and its partners worked together on to intercept Android users' connections to install malware and soak up information.

The NSA's partners in crime are part of a group called 'Five Eyes', and in addition to the US, included countries are Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. Given other revelations that have trickled out in the past, this list shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

The UK's GCHQ, which regularly works with the NSA on joint projects

One of the Five Eyes' focal points was UC Browser, a Web browser that's extremely popular in China, but has begun to grow in use outside of that country. At one point, this browser suffered a major flaw that would effectively let anyone interested to fetch data as it passes through the air. Once these security agencies discovered the flaw, they took advantage of it, rather than report it.

If there's such thing as a "worse" in this situation, it's that because the vulnerability wasn't fixed, it allowed other government agencies and ill-doers the ability to tap in on unsuspecting users.

Five Eyes MITM

But wait, there's more! With a project called IRRITANT HORN, agencies developed a man-in-the-middle attack targeting users connecting to Google's and Samsung's app stores to attempt injecting malware onto their devices. As you've probably already surmised, this malware was designed to leak back personal information to these agencies.

You'll probably also lack surprise in knowing that none of the Five Eyes members have anything to say about this. If you want to delve in a lot more, hit up the link below, and also check out CBC's report, as it worked in conjunction with The Intercept on this new revelation.