Is This The Nothing Phone (2a)? Leaked 5K Renders Show A Bold Redesign

hero Nothing phone 2a both sides
A new leaked render of the supposed Nothing Phone (2a) shows in better detail a unique eye-like horizontally-aligned dual camera setup. This seems to be in line with our coverage noting how Nothing used "See the world through fresh eyes" as the running tagline for the (2a).

Thanks to Nothing CEO and founder Carl Pei's marketing/hype panache, his company's mid-range Nothing Phone (2a) has become one of the most debated and talked about devices this year. Despite launching in March, what the Phone (2a) looks like still remains mostly elusive. Reliable leaker OnLeaks (in collaboration with SmartPrix) has nonetheless released renders of the device that they claim are accurate. 

Nothing phone 2a lead

The most visual element is probably the camera hump that has the twin cameras aligned like eyes surrounded by a large disk (to us it almost looks like a viewing periscope and maybe that's the idea). Around the imaging assembly are three prominent Glyph LED notification strips, while below that one can see what we think is a wireless charging coil through the transparent back cover. There's no mention whether the camera hump is merely a design element or if there's a hidden functionality to rotate the camera orientation.

Initial reports have ran with the idea that the (2a) will be running the year-old Mediatek Dimensity 7200 SoC, but Carl Pei insists that the phone won't be using the Dimensity 7200 like some regular old plebian. Instead, it will feature a co-engineered version of the chip called the—wait for it—Dimensity 7200 Pro.

Pei claims that the chipset is more efficient and also enables features like "RAM Booster" that uses up to 20GB of storage as RAM. Otherwise, the 7200 Pro will go largely unchanged, possessing the same advanced 4-nanometer architecture, 2.8GHz clock speed, and modem.

Look out for the official launch of the phone to happen on March 5. Pricing is believed to be around $430.

Photo credits: OnLeaks and SmartPrix