Notebook Makers Run Out Of Stuff

Yesterday Hot Hardware pointed out the Digitimes report on the tight supply of the lowly DVD pick-up head component. Today's version of "we're running out of stuff" includes an assortment of components needed to build notebook computers. Many notebook manufacturers are in danger of missing their targets for sales for 2007, not because of a lack of demand, but because they can't get all the components they need in a timely fashion.

All top-three branded notebook suppliers have been impacted. Dell's 8-series consumer notebooks are in short supply, with Taiwan retailer Tsann Kuen still awaiting delivery of the first batch, according to industry sources. The Dell notebook shortage has also been observed in China, they added.

Acer, which is said to be seeing a shortage of graphics chips from AMD and Nvidia, is also having delivery problems, the industry sources noted. Severe shortages have been observed for the company's 12.1-inch panel lineup and Hewlett-Packard (HP) is also encountering similar problems with its latest 12.1-inch notebooks, they noted.

If you've read all the recall notices for batteries in laptops, you've probably figured out by now that batteries are going to be in short supply for a while, too. You know, manufacturers should find a great big country, perhaps in Asia, filled with hundreds of millions of people anxious to get a job in a factory making electronic components, and open up a few factories there to make some of this stuff. Just hide the lead paint, and it should work out fine.
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