Not Kleenex. Not Frigidaire. Not Coke. Google

Google is the the most powerful brand name in the world according to survey firm Millward Brown, with an estimated value of $86 billion. Google is one of those companies whose name becomes synonymous with the product or service it provides, and even becomes a verb. If you don't believe me, just Google it.

Google beat General Electric to the top spot, with the NBC Universal owner's brand value estimated at $71.4.

The next most valuable brands are Microsoft at $70.89m, Coca-Cola at $58.2m and China Mobile at $57.2m, according to Millward Brown.

"Google's rank has been driven by fantastic financial performance and equity value," said Peter Walshe, the global account director at Millward Brown.

The top five remained unchanged year-on-year, with each company recording an increase in brand valuation by between 15% and 39% compared with 2007.

Take it from me, if you have $86 billion burning a hole in your pocket, I still wouldn't buy it. I bought the rights to the name Netscape Navigator a year ago for $90 billion, and it hasn't done all that well at all. I knew I should have bought Bear Stearns instead.
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