Nokia’s ‘Catwalk’ All-Aluminum Successor To Lumia 920 Windows Phone Draws Near

At last week's MWC, Nokia showed-off four brand-new phones, two of which fall into the Lumia line (720 and 520). It was a little striking that the company wasn't showing off a new flagship, but on account of the fact that the Lumia 920 released only four months ago, the omission was understandable. However, as we see now, the company did show off a 920 successor at the show, but only to select individuals.

One of those individuals is Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, who has written a post about it. According to him, Nokia's "Catwalk", which we first learned about at CES, will feature a slimmer, all-aluminum body, a thinner version of the 920's PureView Phase 2 camera and... that's it.

If this is all that Catwalk brings to the table, it's hard to call it a "successor", because it'd be more of a revision. It's being said that the hardware specs will remain the same, which leads us to believe that Catwalk's launch is right around the corner, and it could be that the reason Nokia didn't talk about it at MWC is because it wanted all of the focus to be on its latest mainstream offerings.

For those who want a Windows phone but don't like the colorful 920 options, it looks like Catwalk will be the obvious fix.