Nokia Is Hitching A Ride On SpaceX To Build A 4G Network On The Moon, No Fooling

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Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications group, has plans to literally launch a 4G network on the moon to help with future human lunar expansion. One thing's for sure: the monthly data rates will be astronomical.

According to CNBC, Nokia has booked a ride on a SpaceX rocket in the coming months to launch the initial infrastructure to establish 4G LTE on our lunar satellite. Thereafter, Nokia's plan is to have a completed 4G data network by the end of the year as part of NASA's Artemis program. Artemis is slated to bring astronauts back to the surface of the moon since Gene Cernan of the 1972 Apollo 17 mission.


The 4G mobile data package is expected to be situated on the moon's south pole in the Shackleton crater, and will comprise of a Nova-C lunar lander and rover. The lander—designed by space firm Intuitive Machines—will serve as the base station, communicating between earth and its lunar users. Being located in the perpetually sunlit Shackleton crater also ensures that solar energy is guaranteed for any solar-powered hardware, such as the rover. Nokia states that there will an LTE connection between the lander and rover.

Nokia says that the 4G tech and equipment is designed to withstand the rigors of space plus meet the communications needs for future space missions. Relying on the tried-and-true 4G standard, the company wants to prove that a reliable cellular network can meet the needs of astronauts, allowing them to communicate with each other. Having a robust LTE network can also enable real-time data and video streaming, as well as remote control of the rover from Earth.

Once the 4G hardware is readied, Nokia hopes to launch from a SpaceX rocket in the coming months. The rocket won't deliver the lander to the surface of the moon; a propulsion system onboard the lander will be tasked for that.
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