No Playstation 3 For You!

This seems to happen with every next-gen console launch, but things are getting ridiculous with regard to Playstation 3 pricing and availability. This article on CNN Money states that the PS3 is even scarcer than originally predicted.

"Gamers knew getting their hands on a PlayStation 3 was going to be hard last weekend, but they probably had no idea it would be this hard. Sony had said going into the game console's launch it would ship 400,000 units to North America. But retail checks by analysts show the actual number of PS3s on store shelves was less than half of that. American Technology Research's P.J. McNealy, in a note to investors, said there were just 125,000 to 175,000 PS3s in stores for the system's launch."

And if you want to see something really nuts, check out what PS3s are selling for on eBay.  Some of them are fetching over $2K. Dang.