Nintendo Switch Production Will Double Thanks To Crushing Demand

It appears that Nintendo was once again caught off guard by the demand for a new game console, only this time the company is planning to amp up production in a big way. More specifically, Nintendo has told its suppliers to produce twice as many hybrid Switch consoles than originally ordered, as it has been flying off of store shelves just as fast as retailers can stock them.

People who have supposedly been briefed on the matter told The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo has ordered 16 million Switch consoles, or possibly even more, for its fiscal year starting April 2017. That is double its previous order of 8 million consoles. What that suggests is that Nintendo feels confident it can sell well north of 10 million Switch consoles in the coming year.

Nintendo Switch

This is hardly surprising after the Switch burst out the gate the Kool-Aid man crashing through a wall. The Switch racked up more sales during its first two days of availability than any other console in Nintendo's long and storied history, surpassing even the hugely popular Wii, which previously held the record for most launch sales.

Nintendo had set out to sell 2 million Switch consoles by the end of March. The unofficial count after just two weeks of sales is 1.5 million units. All indications point to Nintendo selling 2.5 million or more Switch consoles by the end of the month. Even complaints of Joy-Con controller connection issues and Nintendo's stance that dead or stuck pixels are normal for LCDs and therefore not warrantied hasn't slowed sales down.

Part of the reason why there is so much demand for the Switch is because people are flocking to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's the newest title in the iconic Zelda franchise and it's been garnering rave reviews from around the web. Nintendo also has some compelling games in the pipeline, including Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, which comes out on April 28.